Enterprises: Credit Products and Services for Entrepreneurs

  • May 28, 2019


Itaú Companies


 Itaú Companies

The scarcity of credit services for entrepreneurs and the difficulty in having access to those available are a problem faced by many of the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.

In this sense, Itaú Empresas is a financial product created exclusively to meet these needs. Thinking of expanding your area of ​​expertise or even starting your business?


So in today’s text we will present to you the financial solution that was missing for your business.

Continue reading and understand more about Itaú Empresas and all the facilities it offers. Keep reading until the end!

Do you need a legal account at Itaú Empresas?


Starting a small business or expanding an existing business is a task that demands the application of resources. However, as we have said before, in such cases it is common for entrepreneurs not to have the necessary amount to do so, at least initially.

Managing a business is another point that must be taken into consideration, after all, it is not an easy task for anyone. That said, it is worth noting that the financial sector is the heart of all companies. That is, financial organization is vital to the running of any business.

Besides offering some lines of credit that can be applied in companies, the legal accounts allow a better management of all the accounts of the organization. Still, accounting is another determining factor for the regularization of the enterprise.

After all, not only are profits generated, but there are also expenses that need to be controlled, taxes to be paid, reports and many calculations. Therefore, separating the movements of individuals and legal entities is a crucial procedure to remain legal before the fiscal organs of the country.

That is, individual and legal person should be cared for as two totally different people, even if you are the sole owner of your company. Organizing business accounts, named and identified correctly, is critical to the financial health of your institution.

Do you need a legal account at Itaú Empresas?]


How to open a business account at Itaú?

How to open a business account at Itaú?

The first step is to define the bank to have your current legal account. In general terms, the country’s main banking networks operate in the same way. Therefore, the main factors are not necessarily related to the flag or the basic services of financial institutions.

However, it is essential to be aware of other issues that can make all the difference at the end of a transaction, which can be:

  • Interest rates practiced by each institution
  • Rates charged for services offered
  • Personalized service, location and especially the differentiated products that are offered

Benefits of Itaú for companies?

Benefits of Itaú for companies?



Itaú Bank customers have several unique benefits and facilities available to optimize their routine.

With mobile applications available for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and / or computers, it is possible to access the account and various services in a few clicks and at any time of the day, including picking up the Itau personal loan at special rates.

That is, it is much easier to organize and control the company’s finances safely and quickly. In addition, Itaú Empresas offers its customers a series of customizable resources to meet the main demands of each business, according to the needs of the entrepreneur.


How does “Cuenta Certa” work at Itaú Empresas?


How does "Cuenta Certa" work at Itaú Empresas?

Itaú Empresas offers its clients the ” Cuenta Certa “, a package of services that were created exclusively for business accounts. Among the services are, for example, ticketing, transfer of securities to other banks and custody of checks. All this can be hired for a single monthly fee.

When purchasing a package the customer spends less than if he contracted each service separately.

There are currently 4 models of Certa Account , which vary depending on the amount of services offered – and each can fit your business better. It is worth remembering that the services used in addition to the limit available in each package is charged separately.

The more services are hired, the lower the cost of each transaction. And, even if the customer wants to rent a card machine, there is a reduction in the value of the basic packages of the Certa Account.

There are also some relationship programs according to amounts invested and handled in business accounts.

Cuenta Certa 4: for customers who bill up to R $ 25 thousand per month; monthly fee: R $ 77,00

Cuenta Certa 3: customers that bill up to R $ 40 thousand monthly; the monthly fee is R $ 143,00

Certain account 1 and 2: indicated for the clients that bill about $ 80 thousand per month; the monthly fee varies between R $ 283.00 and R $ 420.00.

How to open a business account at Itaú?

How to open a business account at Itaú?


To open your account is very simple. You can access the website and fill in some initial data to choose the nearest agency to be serviced. After submitting some information, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the opening request.

The next step is to go to the bank branch that was chosen and present all the documentation required to open the account. Here are the main documents required to open a business account:

  • Identification document (RG, CNH or Passport)
  • CPF
  • Proof of current address
  • Proof of registration in the National Registry of Legal Entities – issued by the Federal Revenue Service
  • Copy of the Social Contract – the document must be current (with the last change, if any)
  • Proof of company address
  • Authorization of legal representative of the company to open account

Advantages and disadvantages of the Itaú Empresas account


Among the advantages of the Itaú Empresas Certa Account we can highlight the payment of a fixed monthly fee to have access to banking services.

If you choose the package that best fits your business needs, the amount paid can be a good investment for the service provided. Not to mention that it is easier to deal with finances when some collection is fixed.

In addition, Itaú Empresas allows even recent or small businesses to modernize.

It is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and still can not turn big money into their companies’ cashier. This is a way to expand financially.

On the other hand, if you do not know how to properly use the paid services package and have to resort to the extra services, the account at the end of the month can end up going quite expensive.

That is why it is very important that when it comes to hiring the Right Account you choose the most appropriate for the size and profile of your company. This will make it easier to track monthly expenses.

In conclusion, the Itaú Empresas Sure Account is a good option for those who want to put the payments and receipts all in order. If you have a business and do not yet have a legal account, it may be time to review your financial organization and upgrade.

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How fast can your credit rating fall?

  • May 25, 2019

Your credit rating is an essential part of your financial health and will determine the likelihood of you being approved for various loans, including mortgages, car loans and personal loans. But your credit rating can drop as quickly if you do not pay attention to your finances.

What is a credit score?


In Canada, credit scores can range from 300 (for those who are just starting to accumulate credit) to 900 points, which is considered the highest and ideal score. To obtain approval for various types of loans, a credit score of 650 is usually required. Less than that, it will be much harder to get a conventional loan. Lower credit ratings usually mean that a higher interest rate will be charged, which will result in a more expensive loan and more money spent.

Why are credit ratings down?

Payment history is the single most important factor that can affect your credit rating – either positively or negatively. If you are disciplined to make all your debt payments on time and in full, your credit rating will benefit and you should have a good credit rating. On the other hand, if you consistently miss payments or pay late, your credit rating will surely suffer. Even missing a single payment can hurt your credit rating.

Some imperfections can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years and sometimes even longer. Paying bills on time every month is the most important way to keep your credit score high or improve if it is low.

How fast can your credit rating fall?

A flood of information is constantly being sent to credit rating agencies on consumer credit. Whenever these offices receive information about your credit, your score will eventually change, even if it is tiny. The speed with which your credit score can fall depends on several factors, including the number of accounts in your credit report. The more accounts you have, the more changes you can make. For example, if you have 7 accounts in your credit report, your score can change realistically 7 times a month if your score is drawn each time an account is reported.

That said, while there may be many changes in the reported information, it does not necessarily mean that there will be a major difference in your credit score. However, while some factors may make a minor difference, others can dramatically change your score.

Things that can drop your score quickly include:

• missed payments

• late payments

• collection accounts

• Tax privileges

• judgments

• Bankruptcy

In such cases, you can expect double-digit declines in your credit score in less than a month.

Full Payment of Credit Cards – How It Affects Your Credit Score

Full Payment of Credit Cards - How It Affects Your Credit Score

Credit cards are known to charge extremely high interest rates, making them difficult to repay. But if you have managed to pay off your credit card balance, this is a great achievement that will save you money in interest and have a positive effect on your credit score. Paying credit cards can be good for your credit score because much of it is based on the amounts owed and the most important factor is your credit usage rate.

This magic number represents the amount of your credit limit that you use. For example, if your credit limit on your credit card is $ 10,000 and your balance is $ 5,000, your credit usage rate is 50%. As your balance is repaid, your credit utilization rate will inevitably improve, as will your credit score.

Sudden decline in credit rating? Here are the potential causes

In addition to the number of late or missed payments, other factors can also affect your score, including:

• Number of inquiries – If potential lenders find out too often about your credit score, this can negatively affect your score.

• Average age of accounts – New accounts lower your score, while “old credit” can actually benefit.

• Number of open-ended loans – Installment loans can help you or hurt your credit score, depending on the situation. If you open too many accounts in a short time, your credit score may suffer.

• Average Credit Card Limit – Your credit score may decrease if you constantly maximize your credit card limit. It is usually best to limit your credit card spending to no more than 30%.

Why did my credit rating drop after paying off my debt?


You may notice that your credit score takes a hit even after paying off your debt. Why is it?

In fact, getting a perfect credit score is not easy, as dozens of variables are taken into account in calculating credit score. For starters, repaying your debt does not necessarily translate into a higher score. Your score will not decrease simply because you have paid back your loans, but your payment history may have an effect.

What really matters is whether you make your payments on time, every time. Even if you have managed to repay your debt, your score will suffer if you missed a few payments along the way. Debt repayment is a good thing, but you will not necessarily be rewarded for it. It’s the history of your payments that really counts for your score.

To avoid any incident on your credit, be sure to take the following steps:

• Make your payments in full and on time

• Do not spend more than 30% of your credit card limit

• Do not open too many accounts

• Do not contract too many loans

• Use money whenever possible

To finish

Your credit score matters a lot when it comes to borrowing. This can go down pretty quickly if you make financial mistakes along the way and the repair may take some time. Your best bet is to make sure it stays in a healthy range right from the start. But if you’ve made mistakes in the past and now need to improve your credit score, you can take some steps to improve it. Talk to a financial advisor to guide you in the right direction to improve your credit score.