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  • April 19, 2019

You can find more about the conditions and rules for taking out a loan here.

Because of the economic crisis, more people in the Netherlands are unemployed than in a long time. Some do not lose their jobs, but they lose money financially with lower income or higher costs. That is why there is a relatively high demand for loans, while loan providers such as banks try to keep the number of loans they provide to a minimum. This results in high demand and low supply. Many new online loan providers play a useful role in this problem by providing online accessible loans.

Stop searching “loans near me” get online payday loan lenders 

Online loan providers do not run as many risks as banks, particularly because they only provide small loans. For that reason, online loan providers like can apply much more flexible conditions for online payday loan direct lender. In general, therefore, you do not have to check blacklist before you take out a loan online and you do not have to deal with a lot of paperwork. There are only a minimum number of conditions that you have to take into account, such as for example that you have to be at least 21 years old before you take out a loan and you need a fixed amount of income. This income does not necessarily have to come from wages or salaried wages, including a benefit, alimony or student finance. That makes it accessible to many people to take out a loan on the internet with online loan providers!

Take out a loan

What you benefit from online loans is that there is no question of a conversation in which you have to account for what you want to do with the borrowed money. Also, you do not have to send papers and such. This often makes it possible to apply for a loan online within 5 minutes, using the online application form. Because no blacklist check takes place, your application can also be viewed quickly and you will receive a confirmation immediately. This usually goes by text message. How quickly you then receive the money depends on the chosen loan provider. Always read the conditions carefully!

How many euros?

For loans of what amounts is it exactly here? We have already defined that it concerns loans of small amounts. In addition, every amount under 1000 euros falls below a small amount. The term is usually also short. You can then decide for yourself exactly what you spend the money and therefore do not have to consult this with the loan provider. 200 euros for that bike, 500 euros for paying bills or 800 euros to finally make that trip. You decide it yourself and can even arrange this if you are unemployed at some providers!

How to Get Free DOC and TED (Without Paying Anything)

  • April 10, 2019


Check out the list of banks with free DOC and TED. Discover how to get rid of DOC and TED fee payment and how to open your digital checking account …

“Free DOC and TED? These two types of banking services are some of the ways we find available to make money transfers between bank accounts and financial institutions with just a few clicks or “

With the technological advance, the means of payment has evolved in order to help customers and bank users to send money to any bank in the world without the risks and discomforts of sending money by mail, to walk with great amounts through the streets or to pass check to the bearer .

Today, we can use one of thousands of 24-hour stations , ATMs in pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as telephone access via fixed network, cell phones, smartphones or Internet-connected devices. It is possible to transfer money in minutes to pay or send money at any time.

TED, DOC or send money with Check?

 TED, DOC or send money with Check?

Of course, sending money electronically makes things a bit easier, especially because using checks is no longer a safe way to send money, even more so that this type of transaction is increasingly out of use.

The banking technology that is there in rapid evolution, will make the means of payments and financial transactions become tasks much easier to request and less and less bureaucratic.

These topics may be of interest to you:

  • How to transfer money with DOC or TED
  • What are the reasons for a DOC or TED being returned?
  • Full list of bank numbers and codes for DOC and TED

How does billing work to send TEDs and DOCs to banks?

 How does billing work to send TEDs and DOCs to banks?

When a person has a current bank account or savings account in the same bank as the issuer ( transfer between accounts from the same bank ), banks and financial institutions usually do not charge for the transfer.

However, when you need to send money to a person or company that has a different account from our bank, the transaction cost is hardly eliminated, it comes in the statement as bank fees.


However, there are many alternatives in the segment that you will not have to pay anything, ie TED and DOC for free ! Keep reading to learn more ..

What are the most common types of bank transfer?

 What are the most common types of bank transfer?

As we have discussed in some articles here on the blog, in Brazil there are different types of financial transactions exclusive to the transfer of money and, depending on your need, you can choose the most appropriate.

1. Transfer of money to the same bank

We can call this internal money transfer operation. Let’s see a practical example: all banks can perform the internal transfer, that is, when the account of the issuer and the receiver are accounts of the same bank.

In this type of transfer is generally not charged, the transfer is free and the money is transferred to the other destination account in minutes, if not seconds.

2. Transfer of money to another bank

When the transfer is made to another bank or financial institution, those who will send the money need to choose between sending a DOC or a TED.

The main difference between these two transfer modes is the time the bank spends to make the money available in the other account. Look!

  • DOC – the money is transferred the next day after sending
  • TED – The transfer of the amount sent takes place in a few minutes.

But there are other important differences that you need to know. Learn more about the differences between DOC and TED.

Why is sending DOC or TED expensive?

There is no limit set by regulatory agencies such as BC or Febraban, so each institution can decide how much it will charge its customers and users for each DOC and TED requested and sent through its system.

The maintenance cost of the operation is not high for institutions, basically there is only the cost of compensation, but, do not forget an important detail, banks do not want you to withdraw your money from the bank to send to another bank.

How do you know how much it costs for DOC or TED in your bank?

The Central Bank has a list of disclosure of the amounts of fees charged by banks and financial institutions. You can check the value by going here .

Stay tuned! Most small and large banks generally do not charge the amount of the transfer fee directly to your account. Usually the value is embedded in the monthly amount charged as a ” service package “, but it appears to be free, if you exceed the limit of operations, a charge is charged separately.

Check in your service pack how many DOCs and TEDs are included to use monthly to get a sense of how much you are actually paying per transaction.

Note : It is worth mentioning that there are different types of accounts and different types of customers, based on this, many banks exempt customers who make many transactions or have reserved amounts in investments. It’s the famous game of I help you help me!

How to get rid of DOC and TED rate payment?

 How to get rid of DOC and TED rate payment?

In recent years competition between banks and financial institutions has become fierce, the solution for many banks was to change their relationship strategy with their customers. The cost of some operations comes with the excuse that they have a great service structure and no doubt very expensive.

They claim very high costs with expenses to maintain agencies, employees, advertising and marketing expenses that make services expensive and passed on to customers’ accounts.

Fortunately, customers and banking users at this time have easy access to digital banks, an amazing business model, with cheap cost, with simplified format of service and very smart.

Free DOC and TED in Banco Digital

 Free DOC and TED in Banco Digital

By opting to have a checking account in a digital bank, customers and bank users albeit limited to Internet use only with the help of computers or mobile devices, have much more agility, convenience, less bureaucracy and much lower costs to maintain their money than in traditional banks.

For those who have money left over in low-cost savings or investments, know that many of the digital banks operating in Brazil have excellent opportunities for those who want to make short-, medium- or long-term investments.

Some digital banks have much lower rates and fees, others have totally free services.

You may want to know more about the digital accounts found in Brazil:

  • Inter digital account
  • Neon Digital Account
  • Crefisa digital
  • Social Bank digital account
  • Nubank account
  • Current Bank Account Original
  • Bank Sofisa Direct

They usually do not charge any fees, it’s almost all free: from account maintenance (without service packages), free DOC and TED , bill payments, tickets, etc., can be made without restriction (unlimited) and many more.

Best of all, you can open your digital checking account in a few minutes via online sites or bank and financial applications without having to go to an agency or sign papers. Getting rid of DOC or TED rates does not cost anything !

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