All About The Cheapest Payday Insurance Loan

  • January 3, 2019

Look for interesting offers online

Cheapest payday Insurance Loan

In combination with a loan, the bank or lending institution requires the borrower to subscribe to a real estate borrower insurance. However, according to the Lagarde Law of 2010, a borrower can subscribe to a loan insurance at no cost, from the agency of his choice.

The condition to be fulfilled is that the guarantees offered must be similar and accepted by his bank. This is the famous “insurance delegation” of a home loan.

In order to learn about the constraints required, the borrower must ask his banker or lender for a fact sheet summarizing the guarantees offered.


Look for interesting offers online

By keeping the collateral required by the loan, the borrower can choose among many non-banking organizations that provide tailor-made mortgage insurance solutions.

These loan insurances can be found using online comparison tools, such as mortgage insurance simulators. In order to subscribe to the most advantageous offer, you must pay attention to the proposed waiting periods.

This is the waiting period separating a possible disaster from the beginning of assumption of reimbursements by the insurance.

Thus, if the borrower has finally found a cheaper offer than the one he has contracted, since the Hamon Act of 2014, he can change mortgage insurance insurance until a period of one year. This step is free of charge or penalty.


Call a broker for payday insurance

Call a broker for credit insurance

Calling a broker would be a highly recommended solution. The first benefit of using such a professional is to make sure you are not wrong in choosing the insurance company.

He accompanies the borrower in his decision by presenting him with the best guarantees corresponding to his profile. He takes care of the research work, to avoid the borrower to waste his time.

It also proposes a study and a risk assessment related to its activity, the contracts already subscribed, the types of guarantee and the amount of premiums to be paid. When the suitable offer is found, the broker completes the file for more serenity.


Save on payday insurance through the broker

Save on credit insurance through the broker

An insurance broker comes in as an industry expert, who is used to working with different insurance companies. It controls almost all contracts offered by all companies and is up to date with new products.

Concretely, the broker allows the borrower to save time by doing the comparative work on payday insurance contracts in his place. Even if the work of a broker is paid, his proposals will be the most adapted and the most personalized, in comparison to a free online comparator.

The guarantees can be refined, analyzed and studied on a case by case basis. More information on the subject on the site .